Nathan Leopold Almost Made it to Europe before being Arrested for the Murder of Bobby Franks

It is funny how a twist of fate can affect everything. Nathan Leopold Jr.’s birthdate is coming up on November 19th (2 days) and most crime history buffs are aware that he was arrested and charged along with his partner in crime Richard Loeb with the murder of Loeb’s cousin, Bobby Franks. They committed this heinous crime on May 21, 1924. If not for the quick work of the police investigators, Leopold could have been in Europe at the time and likely could have avoided questioning and ultimately extradition.

Leopold had applied for a U.S. Passport on April 24, 1924, about one month before the murder. It was approved and issued on April 28, 1924. Leopold’s family was set to leave for Europe on June 11, 1924. The police brought him in for official questioning on May 29, 1924, only 18 days before they were set to leave. That was one European vacation that Nathan was never able to take.

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